The Story of The Hoof Knives

  • December 14, 2016

I was approached by Pete Ramey in Dec of 2005 and asked if I would make him a hoof knife. I had no idea what he was talking about, all I new about horses was how to ride them. Well I soon received a lesson in horse hooves and all about keeping them clean, healthy and in proper working order.

Most of you in the horse world know or know of Pete Ramey. He specializes in natural hoof care and travels around the world giving demonstration on proper care of hooves. He promotes keeping your horse hooves healthy without the horse wearing horse shoes. The hoof knife was designed and made to accomplish this goal.

Since January of 2006 I have made and shipped these hoof knives to all 50 states and to over 25 countries. Man, that’s a lot of hoof knives! This knife is different from most hoof knives, it is made for left or right hand use, and also has a hoof pick on the back side of the cutting edge. Some people call this type of tool a loop knife.

This knife starts out as a piece of 1095 HIGH CARBON tool steel . It gets heated, bent, welded, and then a heat -treating that gives it an edge holding ability above all others . I then relieve the stress from the handle by heating it once again. At this point we are ready for the handles. Now we can customize a knife with a handle color that makes a statement about you. We can even have your name, logo, ranch name or a brand laser etched on the handle. Allow your tools to make a statement about who you are in the horse world.

After all, everyone is different and nobody wants an ugly knife!

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