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I have loved knives of all kinds for as long as I can remember. I have tried to always keep a knife of some kind in my pocket, or on my side , or a neck knife .

Around 1990 I began working in sheet metal fabrication, and that started my world of metal working. Two of my good friends began to make knives and I was close behind looking over their shoulders to see what had their interest. Well I was intrigued to say the least, and began to find out everything about knifemaking that I could. 15 years later , I am the current president of the Georgia Knifemakers Guild , and have made well over 1500 knives.

I have taken several classes to further my knowledge of metal working. I have been a state certified welder since about 1994 and continued my fascination with metal by continuing with even more welding classes and a blue print reading class.


I prefer to make custom fixed blade knives that feel good in your hand, and have some eye appeal to them. It gives me great pleasure to have someone want one of my knives to use to skin out a trophy animal they have just taken.

I also make some tactical knives , and have made an entire ” SWAT ” team in California matching knives with their logo laser etched into the blades. The good feeling you get when you do a good deed is the same for when you are making a knife for law enforcement or a soldier wanting one to use as a last ditch way of protecting themselves while on a tour of duty.  Something they know they can depend on when their life is on the line.

I like to use CPM-154 for my blades unless a customer asks for another kind of metal.  My main concern is for the customer to get what they want and need for a specific use.  I pride myself on delivering the best product that I possibly can at a most reasonable price.

Thank you for your interest in Solid Rock Knives.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback.

Best, Scott Davidson

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Farrier Tools & Leather Cutting Tools

We are dedicated to giving you quality services & custom made knives.  Scott offers a unique lines of farrier tools which includes a hoof knife used by Pete Ramey.  Along with hoof picks and loop knives.   At any time you will find approximately ten different custom knives in our line of leather cutting tools.  Tap the button below to browse the current knives.  



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